Moderator “bias” in TV leaders’ debates – Mike Hosking vs. John Campbell

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4 Responses

  1. Harry says:

    He was NOT “reigned” in. Unless you imply some sort of noblesse oblige? No he may have been reined in though.

  2. Aaron says:

    You’ve created a straw-man argument here. John Campbell is not the only alternative for a debate moderator and the issue we face at the moment is not one of there being a choice between Hosking and Campbell.

    The real question is; can we find someone less obviously biased than Mike Hosking? and of course the answer is that every other person on TV in New Zealand has more credibility than Hosking in this department. Just go down to the TVNZ staffroom and pick the first person you find.

    But lets entertain the idea that they are the only 2 choices just for a second: On the one hand we’ve got John Campbell, a serious journalist and on the other entertainment personality Mike Hosking – an ego on legs. Secondly Hosking has made regular positive comments about one of the candidates while the last thing you’ve got on Campbell is from 10 years ago when he said he voted for the Alliance candidate (in what I presume from the wording was a FPP election).

    The two are clearly not the same.

    Also, check your facts, there is a Herald headline indicating that Cunliffe might withdraw from the debate. The man himself refused to be drawn on the issue.

    Lastly this is a straw man argument – who said the iss

  3. james says:

    Nice article.
    I worry for the intelligence of the nation going forward, current media, no offence to anyone, is a terribly biased place. The foundations of journalism have been lost in this new format of what essentially looks like puffing up one party and smearing another. It has already destroyed any faith I had in mainstream media being able to give an unbiased account of events.
    The rest of news reporting is similar, one sided rhetoric especially on foreign /political matters.
    Why are the comment sections of newspapers revealing more facts than the articles themselves. Upon fact checking the claims there seems to be a lot more potential in the public than in the corporate media.
    Slippery slope.

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