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Cunliffe and Robertson

New Zealand’s increasingly dangerous level of political vitriol

A long thin country, marked by its diversity of landscapes. A small population, outflanked by bigger and more powerful neighbours. An increasingly multicultural society with a significant indigenous group. It could be New Zealand. But it’s Sweden. Like New Zealand, Sweden long had a tradition of personal, retail politics in which politicians rub shoulders with voters as apparent equals. That’s what one expects in a small country. But there is one big difference between Sweden and New Zealand. Sweden has suffered not one, but two political assassinations. The first, in 1986, was the murder of then Prime Minister Olof Palme. The...

Top tweets on the Top 100 Twitter accounts to follow for the election

On Sunday 17 August, the Herald on Sunday published a “Top 100” list of Twitter accounts to follow for the 2014 New Zealand General Election. The list was curated by myself and Bryce Edwards. Here is the reaction from Twitter to the list. Top100 tweeters to follow this election. “Dotcom’s reach is 3 times greater than John Key’s. An absolute must-follow” http://t.co/e5sM4bzhfR — Kim Dotcom (@KimDotcom) August 16, 2014 @bryce_edwards @GeoffMillerNZ Thanks for the mention 🙂 — Colmar Brunton (@ColmarBruntonNZ) August 16, 2014 @bryce_edwards @GeoffMillerNZ Your list is obviously shit. — Steve Braunias (@SteveBraunias) August 16, 2014 @SteveBraunias @bryce_edwards @GeoffMillerNZ...

TV3 political editor and then Labour leader Phil Goff, 2011 (original image)

Twitter lists: New Zealand media and politics/New Zealand foreign policy

I manage two Twitter lists. The first list is for New Zealand political and media-related Twitter accounts. This list is called NZ media/politics+. The list has 1700+ members, including journalists, broadcasters, producers, current and former members of parliament (MPs), parliamentary candidates, parties, unionists, lobby groups, academics, diplomats, bloggers and other commentators. The second list has 700+ accounts that are related in some way to New Zealand foreign policy – including diplomatic missions, New Zealand and foreign diplomats, journalists, analysts, commentators and organisations. This list is called Foreign policy & trade NZ. These lists are not intended to be partisan or...

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