UPDATED for the 2017 election: My Twitter list for New Zealand media and politics

UPDATED 28 August 2017: I’ve updated both the Twitter list and this post in time for the 2017 New Zealand General Election

In 2012, I began to curate a Twitter list related to New Zealand politics.

I would have used someone else’s, but couldn’t find a truly comprehensive list for what I wanted – journalists, bloggers, NGOs, political media outlets and so on, all in one place.

Twitter lists are a niche function on the platform and are separate from your timeline. You can subscribe to a list and then use it as a kind of “second timeline” without having to follow each account individually. Or you can simply view the list and subscribe to people who you find interesting.

My  “master list”

My master Twitter list is called NZ media/politics+. As of 28 August 2017, it has 1106 members.

Many of the list members are journalists, broadcasters, producers and other media figures. But I have also included as many current and previous members of parliament (MPs), parliamentary candidates, parties, unionists, lobby groups, academics, diplomats, bloggers and relevant commentators as I could find – in short, anyone who is involved with New Zealand politics in some way.

The list is completely cross-partisan and no bias towards any particular political direction is intended.

Help me update the list

In August 2017, I did a major update of the list and I was surprised by the number of newcomers to Twitter in the NZ political sphere. Although Twitter may have stagnated in the mainstream, amongst elite circles it seems as popular as ever – particularly now it is election time.

Omissions from the list are rarely deliberate – if you have suggestions for people who should be included, please just get in touch via Twitter (@GeoffMillerNZ) or by my contact form if you prefer.

How to use the list

I initially created the list for my own use, but you may find it useful to use the lists as your main feed for NZ politics and news, or as a source of new people to follow.

You can use my list in any way you like. You can subscribe to the list and use it as a one-stop source for NZ politics news.

Or, if you find this overwhelming, you might use it to find suggestions of people to follow in your own timeline.

However you use the list, I’d be happy to hear from you.

Note: the list is embedded below for your reference, but you can access the list through any of the normal Twitter web and app interfaces. Just click here. You do not need to be logged in to Twitter to view the list.

NZ media/politics+

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