Twitter lists: New Zealand media and politics/New Zealand foreign policy

I manage two Twitter lists.

The first list is for New Zealand political and media-related Twitter accounts. This list is called NZ media/politics+.

The list has 1700+ members, including journalists, broadcasters, producers, current and former members of parliament (MPs), parliamentary candidates, parties, unionists, lobby groups, academics, diplomats, bloggers and other commentators.

The second list has 700+ accounts that are related in some way to New Zealand foreign policy – including diplomatic missions, New Zealand and foreign diplomats, journalists, analysts, commentators and organisations. This list is called Foreign policy & trade NZ.

These lists are not intended to be partisan or (overly) selective. I use both lists regularly myself and regularly update their memberships.

Feedback is welcome – my contact details are on the About page.

The lists are embedded below.

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