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Conference 2008: The end of “The Liberal Party”?

Conference information posted to members in February featured what appears to be a new, slimline ACT logo. While it is true that little has actually changed, but what has gone is the bottom strip featuring the appendage “The Liberal Party”. This moniker was introduced by ACT party president Catherine Judd in 2003 as part of the “Liberal Project”, the aim of which was to rebrand ACT and tackle the party’s ongoing image problem. However, this was an alteration of the logo only and not a full name change, which would have required the approval of members. In ACT’s first two...

ACT’s “harsh feel” – the name change debate

I think ACT has got that harsh feel to it for me, like I find it quite a hard word to say, oh it sounds German, with the greatest respect to the German people. It sounds like “Achtung!”- “okay!”, whereas we want something warm – Rodney Hide, 30 August 2007* The one major fault I would have if I were one of Hide’s advisers with his on-air performance on Radio Live today was that he scarcely mentioned the word “ACT” in his programme. Now, maybe he was trying to be fair and not use the air-time as a campaigning vehicle,...

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