ACT’s new Wellington office

Note: this post originally appeared on ‘Douglas to Dancing’, a blog I maintained from 2007-9 on the ACT New Zealand political party. The blog was an extension of the thesis I wrote about the Act Party in 2007, From Douglas to Dancing: explaining the lack of success of ACT New Zealand and evaluating its future prospects (PDF).

This is intended as a news rather than commentary post.

I recently checked with ACT on what the story is with Heather Roy’s Wellington Office which was opened in October 2007. The main function of the office is obviously to give Heather Roy a more visible presence in her Wellington Central electorate campaign. The party tells me that Roy is using her entitlement to open an Out of Parliament office with a support staffer funded by Parliamentary Services. At the moment the office shares a staffer with Heather Roy’s Parliamentary office. From ACT:

The office is located on the corner of Lambton Quay and Woodward St, in PrimeProperty House. It is open Mondays and Fridays for appointments and i’m also here for several hours during the week. The office was opened in about October of last year, and has since been advertised in the Wellington region with a large (ongoing) drop of fridge magnets and a letter.

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