We’re Here to Help premiere

I’d have to agree with Dave Henderson, on whose “battle” with the IRD the new film (on general release from tomorrow) We’re Here to Help is based. This is what was reported in the Press this morning:

Henderson said all the Labour MPs were invited to the premiere of We’re Here to Help in Riccarton last night, but none arrived.

“It is time they got over it,” said Henderson, 52.

“I’m just a Kiwi boy and they screwed up and it is about time they acknowledged it and fixed it.”

Henderson said the Inland Revenue Department was “cowardly” for not attending.”If they had any spirit at all they would acknowledge they screwed up and earn people’s respect, but they are so stupid. The fact they can’t do that is disappointing and sad,” he said.

While Henderson is strongly linked to ACT and Rodney Hide, his ordeal could have happened to anyone. It would have been a nice touch, I think, if the head of the IRD or even Michael Cullen (who personally attacked Henderson in the House years back with some particularly nasty and moreover false allegations) had turned up with a bottle of champagne, an apology and cleared the air. But I guess the rifts run deep.

For anyone who’s not familiar with the We’re Here to Help story, I’ll cover it in a later post – and I also hope to review the film here once I’ve gone along to it. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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