Comments in ODT on Geoff Robinson vs. Rodney Hide

For the benefit of readers living north of the Waitaki River, I reproduce comments by Clarke Isaacs, radio reviewer for the Otago Daily Times (7/11/07, p. 28):

The normally mild-mannered, even-handed Geoff Robinson, co-presenter of Radio New Zealand National’s Morning Report, was uncharacteristically aggressive the Tuesday before last when interviewing Act New Zealand leader Rodney Hide about his intended complaint to the much-publicised right-cross Cabinet Minister Trevor Mallard landed on National’s Tau Henare.

Robinson’s interviewing partner, the feisty, no-holds-barred Sean Plunket, might have to look to his laurels should Robinson find that he quite likes a fiery questioning style when politicians front up to him.

I hope not – the complete insolence shown by Sean Plunket is a major reason why I have all but given up on National Radio in recent times. Until Radio NZ gets a desperately needed overhaul to drag it out of the 1970s, I’ll keep listening to the BBC World Service.

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