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Strategic voting and ACT

It’s the final week of a fairly lacklustre election campaign by all parties concerned. But if ACT does manage to gain an extra MP or two, it may well be due to “strategic voting” taking place. I take strategic voting to mean voting for a party for a reason other than, or in healthy addition to, agreement with its policy. I’ve previously argued that ACT should give up trying to convince voters to become neo-liberals and gain supporters for pure tactical reasons. Earlier in the campaign, we saw ACT reintroduce the tired, but sometimes profitable tough-on-crime stance. Perhaps precisely because...

Ansell’s new ad

I’ve been alerted to the return of John Ansell to ACT’s campaign, with a new ad promoting strategic voting and favouring ACT over National. To be honest I’m a little surprised that Ansell is behind the advertisement, which is classic ACT: far too many words per square centimetre. However, the overall thrust of the advertisement is sound and the slogan “Strengthen the Nats. Party vote ACT” is something the party has long needed. The only question is why ACT did not switch to strategic campaigning months ago, when it found its efforts to convince voters to vote ACT based on...

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