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Ron Smith – update

Following my previous post, I sought comment from Dr. Ron Smith. His response: Dear Geoffrey, I am overseas at the moment. I will hope to have a look at your dissertation late November, when I get back. I am no longer involved with ACT, though I have some contact with ACT and former ACT persons. Regards Ron Smith This is pretty much what I expected to hear. As I understand it there are a lot of people around who were enthusiastic about ACT in its incipient and more wealthy phase around the mid-1990s, but who dropped off as the party...

Ron Smith and nuclear power

In the latest issue of the New Zealand International Review (November/December 2007, pp. 2-5), there is an article by Dr. Ron Smith, who is head of international relations at the Political Science department at the University of Waikato. Smith is a regular contributor to the Review and his latest article advocates the introduction of nuclear power to New Zealand. Here is the ACT connection: in the party’s formative phase, Smith was foreign affairs spokesman and was quoted in some media reports around 1996. Although I don’t have exact figures on hand at the moment, I believe he was ranked at...

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