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How accurate are ACT’s poll ratings? Part 1

On Saturday, I had the opportunity to listen to a talk by Christopher von Marschall, author of Barack Obama – der schwarze Kennedy (“Barack Obama – the black Kennedy”), which by all accounts is a well-researched and well-written analysis of Obama’s career to date. For his research, von Marschall began attending Obama campaign events in 2006, so the book isn’t the sort of dashed-off, quick-money affair I thought it might be.Discussion at the talk inevitably turned to current opinion polls and whether they were accurate enough. As would be expected, von Marschall pointed out the possibility of the “Bradley effect”,...

Is it Worth trying to face up to Hide online?

A few weeks ago an e-mail came across my inbox from Facebook. This is not remarkable in itself – even fellow occasional social networkers like me will be aware that the form e-mails advising that person XYZ “has added you as a friend” come along as regularly as the sun rises and sets. But this time the person adding me as a friend was no-one other than Richard Worth, National’s candidate (and former Member of Parliament) in Epsom who is again standing, this time to try and unseat Rodney Hide as the local MP. My first concern was to wonder...

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